She's "Still Big Red.."

After watching Bring It On for the four hundredth time, I can't get the line "I'm still big red" out of my head.. Which spilled over into my time at Tafe because one of my close friends has BRIGHT red hair.

She had a shocking regrowth (sorry hun, it had to be said) so I offered to bleach and redye her red. It's been years since I've been employed as a professional hair colour technician so it was fun to do someones hair other than mine, my mums, my grandmothers, my great grandmothers or my brothers (when he's feeling brave).

I would have liked to have gone over the back panels once more, just for my own state of mind but my friend seemed pretty happy when it was finished.

Here are some before, during and after photos. I thought I'd throw in some photos of me with red hair, just to reminisce.

1 comment:

Krissy said...

omg what a hottie you were with the red hair! love it!

your friends hair is pretty vibrant...wish i could pull that off lol!


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