Being The Third Wheel.

Am I the only one in the world who gets territorial over their friends?

I've had a certain guy mate for years and it really tweaks my melon that after I introduced the him to my girlfriend, he started talking to my her behind my back, meeting up with her without me and tonight he invited us to a party by calling HER, not me.

It's like the last six years of friendship goes out the window and doesn't mean jack sh!t.
It's like all of a sudden I'm the third wheel!

Suddenly I'm the last to know about my own friends hotel party and the only reason I found out he was even having one was because he CALLED MY FRIEND to ask us to come past.

I don't like to swear but WHAT THE F**K IS HAPPENING HERE?!

And it's not like they're hooking up but honestly, those actions just makes me want to rip someone a new a-hole.

I was so angry that I instantly went and deleted him off Facebook.

Stuff that. It's like, I've had your back for six years and you choose to call my girlfriend and tell her to bring me along? I don't think so mate.

This is 2011 and I'm not taking shit from ANYONE.

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