Not So Much A Mother Of Pearl, Maybe A Sister?

After constantly having brassiness issues I figured it was time to use a hair dye rather than just keep putting toner on my hair once a week. I didn't want an ash blonde or a golden blonde so my mum suggested a pearl blonde. At first I hesitated but then I trusted her judgment after considering the fact that she has been every shade of bottle blonde over the last 35 years.

I have been sticking to a light beige blonde recently because I never thought I could find a super light blonde that wasn't going to make me look like I use a gallon of bleach. Not to mention that I really thought it would be way too harsh on me.

Let me just say that I was AMAZED at the difference in colours. I really didn't expect the colour to work at all on my hair.

I took two photos (without makeup) which are before and after photos.

The before photo I obviously had a lot of brassiness coming through.
I think that's why I assumed the pearl blonde wouldn't work.

Although the colour doesn't seem very light or even very nice on the hairdye box, it is an amazing colour when it's on your hair.

And here is a poor example to prove it.

Both photos are pretty ordinary because I'm not wearing makeup and my hair isn't even done properly but like Usher said - "Oh My God!!!"

If anyone reading is blonde, if anyone reading is looking to lighten their brown hair and if anyone out there is battling with brassiness or dullness of any kind..



Anonymous said...

I was just looking at Shakiras hair the other day and was like omg i wish i could pull that color got me thinking about this color now. I might have to pick it up and save till I'm ready and willing to leap over to the other side lol.

Krissy said...

woww that blonde is so good, it almost looks like a natural colour!! haha!
how are you going with regrowth? do you have to get it touched up every couple of weeks?


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