I'm Suffering From 'The Droop'.

What a horrible week.
Drama, drama, drama.

After my shit morning I hung out at my friends shop for a little while, which made me feel better.

Now I'm sitting on the couch in my loungeroom after taking over an hour n a half to do my hair and makeup, only to realize that my hair has frizzed out, dropped out and now it looks like it's towel dry (due to the humidity in the air).

I'm sitting in front of an open window and it's raining outside. Rain has NEVER affected my hair. It's never made it go frizzy or fall out of place. Add bleach to that perfect hair equation and you get a beautiful blonde tone of droopy hair like photographed below..

Here are the photos of what I looked like PRE-droop.
Literally three minutes between these before and after photos.

And a few makeup ones..

Now I have to go and do my hair all over again only to have it last ten minutes then look totally crap all over again. Looks like I'm wearing my hair up tonight when I'm out with my friends. I really hope this is just a phase my hair is going through.

PS - Do you like the cherry strips? They're hair pieces.

I love highlights and lowlights.

1 comment:

Krissy said...

woww i do love the cherry colour in your hair! i actually thought you dyed it underneath..but clip-in looks just as good and doesnt fade!


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