Cold Turkey Day Two.

After my post about Coke I decided to go seven days soft drink free. I know that if I don't drink soft drink for seven whole days that I will be able to live without soft drink from then on.

Day one was easier than I thought. I had three whole bottles of water instead (which is a huge effort considering I'm lucky to drink one bottle of water a day)

Day two (today) I've had a headache ALL EFFING DAY. My brain is going to burst out of my skull all over my laptop soon. The withdrawals started sooner than I thought..

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Krissy said...

You can do it babe!
I broke my addiction to coffee by not drinking it for 2 weeks and I went through the headaches, lack of energy, "blahness", etc but at the end you wont feel like drinking it all the time anymore!

Plus not drinking soft drink is muchhhhhhh healthier!!


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