Shopping. Ugh.

Today was a long-ass-day. The morning was fun. I got up, washed my hair and walked down the street with my mum for lunch. It's kind of liberating wearing tight trackie pants and no makeup. It didn't stop my three standard guys from checking me out. The video store guy, the barber and the fruit shop guy.

I went on a disaster of a date lastnight but I will get into that a bit later on.

I have so many photos that I have taken over the last week but I will get into that a bit later on also.

After lunch I went and bought some fruit and then we came home. It wasn't long before we decided to go and buy the rest of the things I need to complete my bedroom. I jumped into the car and felt a squishy feeling under my bum. I had forgotten to close my car windows and the seats were soaked! We took the bus instead.

After two hours my trolley was jam packed. I had six pillows, satin pillow cases, three pairs of shoes, a top, a desk size Christmas tree, five hair dyes, clothes for my brother, a laundry hamper, a plastic storage container, food, a pink dvd player, makeup wipes and dvds. I know I have forgotten some things but my memory goes fuzzy when I am so exhausted.

I've become good friends with the video store guy and he called just as my mum and I were dragging all of our shopping to the bus stop. Turned out that he was at the shopping center too and offered us a lift home (as he lives a few streets from us anyway). BTW forgot to mention that I seen Bertie Beetle at the shopping center too.

Now that I'm home, I'm tired, grumpy, restless and all I want to do is enjoy a can of Pepsi and look at all my new goodies. Instead I'm writing a blog post and cleaning my room.

Hopefully the can of Pepsi will give me a boost to get this done.

How was everyone elses day?

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Krissy said...

Woahhhh what an epic shopping spree!!

My day consisted of a specialist appointment and then rushing off to work for a 1-9 shift!


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