An Outfit And A Giveaway.

"So you canceled on him, did you?" I paused for a second, looking at the time on my laptop. "He will be here in eight minutes" she insisted. I looked at the clock again - "No mum, he will be here in THIRTY-eight minutes" I assured her." Then it hit me. BAM. I'm not dressed, have no makeup on and my hair? Don't even get me started on my hair.

I'm horrible at getting ready the last minute. My makeup turns out awesome but my clothes just seem to run for the hills. I can't find a single thing to wear and the things I want to wear are in my laundry hamper, collecting dust and strange smells from the socks I use to excersize. There I am, hair done, makeup PERFECT and I'm sweating, swearing and freaking out at the fact that I have nothing to wear. I'm suffering from a womanly time at this point in this month *cough* so I'm bloated as anything. Half my dresses make me look pregnant, the skirts don't sit as good and I'll be damned if I'm wearing track pants out on a date.

How could I have forgotten that he'd be here at 6.30? Ugh, Ebay is totally distracting.
After a screaming match directed at my clothes, a tear or two out of stress, I found (well my mum found) me the perfect outfit. I wore my black and white 3/4 length sailor dress. It's a body con dress that clings to all the right curves and gives me a defined Coke bottle body. It does wonders for the boobs and even more for the a$$. It's the perfect dress to grab someones attention and you can wear it shopping or out to dinner (in summer).

I didn't want to show my upper arms (paranoia) so over the dress we decided to put a Supre cropped mini jacket (hard to explain). It's like a bolero but it ties up at the front - allowing for maximum cleavage. You can see it in yesterdays FOTD.

I just paired that with some sandals and a clutch and I was ready to go. I went inside, knowing at any second I would hear the rumble of his WRX engine pull into the driveway. I sat down to play a quick game of Block'd on my phone when I seen his message.

"I'm really sorry hunni but I just got some terrible news and I'm in no shape to come out tonight. Any chance you will reschedule?"

There's a man who knows me. He asks if I WILL reschedule, he doesn't just automatically assume I will. My old philosophy that I've recently bought back into fashion is the Three Strikes And You're Out! Rule. If in the first three months he does three major things wrong - eg lies, silently stands me up, jerks me around, makes me cry, yells at me ETC, three strikes and he is out. Bye Bye, C Ya - Wouldn't wanna be ya!

I'm glad I didn't let my fantastic outfit, hair and makeup go to waste. I wanted it to be appreciated. It was the first day I was actually blonde. As if I would waste that!

I walked down to my local mall that I always tell you about and got my brother a pack of Smiths chips and I got myself two lemons to use in glasses of ice water. The guys at that mall always appreciate me and now that I'm getting my confidence back, I don't mind at all.


The reason I started writing this post was because I have to tell you girls about a giveaway I just entered. You win a pack of travel size/mini Urban Decay eyeliners.

These got my attention because I love love love coloured eyeliners. They are my most cherished thing in my makeup pile. I haven't worn them for a year but now that my hair is light, I'll be wearing them all the time. Yesterday I wore green (as I showed you), today is raining so I'll be wearing blue.

To have a chance at winning these awesome eyeliners - click here.
Giveaway ends on November 15th.

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