Knock Knock. Whos There? The Postman!

I hate being deceived.

When I opened my parcel today, I was expecting the palette that's displayed in the above photo. After all, that is the 'Dior Beige Massai palette'.

When I placed a bid, I knew the palette was a tad different but it still looked quite large in their photos, not overly huge but at least a standard Dior palette size. Today when it arrived it didn't take me long to realize that it's the smallest frikin palette on the face of the Earth!! I had to open the package again to see if that was just a free sample that I received with my full sized palette. It wasn't.

It's probably double the size of a standard single Dior shadow but we all know that still not anywhere as big as the normal palettes. I'll be lucky if I can even get an ear bud into the eyeshadows on the sides, let alone a standard makeup brush...

Ok maybe it's not THAT small but seriously, I was thinking the palette was around 10 - 12cm. It's more like 6cm.

I really don't mind because I love the colours but I wish they had of advertised it was a travel size palette.

Anyway, enough of a rant and onto the important stuff.

This is the latest edition to my makeup.

Christian Dior palette in 705 Beige Massai.

Have you ever been deceived on Ebay?

If you were me would you have asked for a refund or just been happy that you liked the eyeshadow shades?

1 comment:

Krissy said...

oh i have been deceived on ebay many times! but ive never left negative feedback cos im just too damn nice! :P

well you mentioned yourself that you really like the colours, and you only wanted the palette for the colours, so i dont see why you'd wanna ask for a refund. i would personally be like hmmm ok fine, it may be smaller than i expected but at least its the colours i like!



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