Huge Shopping Trip - Extremely Photo Heavy.

After moving house I saw how much stuff I really have shoved away in drawers.
Yes I have a lot of clothes and shoes but I was really surprised at how much makeup I have.

When I seen how much makeup I've collected over the last six months: 'DAMNNNNN, I really need to stop buying makeup' was my initial thought. Followed by 'What am I missing from my collection?', which then sent me on a wish-list frenzy.

I have a small wish list of things like the UD Naked Palette and $100 worth of ELF products. I wrote my list, pinned it on my wall and convinced myself to stick to a list for once in my life. I was doing so well until today.

I went to buy some more bleach and a few different blonde hair dye's when the sign sucked me in - SALE SALE SALE. A whole week without buying a single item of makeup came crashing down as soon as I saw that sign..

If you want swatches then please don't hesitate to ask. I've swatched most of them already, just didn't take photos. Will be reviewing these as I wear them too btw.

Red Earth Liquid Liner - Mahogany

Red Earth Metallic Eyeliner x 2

Red Earth And Bourjois nail polishes

Red Earth Palette

Amazing Rimmel Blush

Red Earth Lipsticks - My lips have never looked SO big and juicy.
Red Earth concealer brush

Best shades of gloss EVER. Red Earth.

Red Earth Blushes

Bourjois Mascara - One for me, one for mum

Free tote that came with a magazine.

Red Earth Eyeshadows (two are missing)

Tropical Punch

Royal Seduction

Irish Tweed

After Eight

Cloudy Afternoon

American Pie

Deep Forrest

Vidal Sassoon 2 in 1 straightener curler

Bazaar came with a free Butter By London nail polish and In Style came with a tote.
A blondes best friend

Bourjois Palette

Models Prefer Palette
Bargain Buys. Models Prefer.


Jennifer :) ~ said...

wow so many things! and why are those models prefer eyeshadows only $1 :O ?

Lauren Baker said...

I've never heard of the brand Red Earth before. I'd love to see some swatches!

Bury Me In Velvet said...

@ Jennifer - I was soooo shocked when I seen it. I was at the check out and there they were. There was also a neutral palette but they were sold out =(

@ Lauren - I'll be sure to take all the swatch photos tomorrow in the sunshine =)


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