Did I Mention That I'm In Love.. With My POSTMAN?!

Yes, you guessed it. Parcels arrived today. My camera is currently missing in action so I've borrowed these photos off Google images just to show you what I got.

I'll swatch/review them as soon as I find my camera but for now, these images will do.

My FIRST EVER Lush product: Fair Trade Foot Lotion.

My FIRST EVER Givenchy makeup palette: Eyelet Edition.

My FIRST EVER Just Cavalli bracelet: Enamel Dragons Head.

My fifth Marc Jacobs t-shirt: Sailor Girl.

And I couldn't find photos of:
My BILLIONTH Chanel Lipstick (lol just playin): Infrarouge 17 Gypsy.
Comme des Garcons dress.

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