Yves Saint Laurent Challenge

The first day that I was back home in the gorgeous, busy, loud, dreadful, upbeat Melbourne, I celebrated by going on a massive (money wise) shopping spree.

I know, I know. BAD ANASTASIA. I'm meant to be saving.

Summer is only two months away but after today it feels more like two days away.

Today I wore a cropped tee and skirt and took advantage of my new cosmetics and I cracked the seal on one of my new lipsticks.

After hours of admiring the ten beautiful gold packages, I came up with the idea that I should do a YSL photo challenge.

So here's my challenge..

I have to wear each of my YSL items in the next ten days.

Yesterday I purchased seven lipsticks, one lipgloss, an eyeshadow duo and a tan booster.
(I wont be using the tan booster yet. It's meant for summer and I don't want to waste it.)

But why stop there?

I have five other YSL lipsticks and two other eyeshadow duo's laying around so let's make this interesting!

That mean's I have ten days to wear sixteen YSL products.

Wish me luck!

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