Yves Saint Laurent Challenge: Day One.

As I said in my last post, ten days to wear sixteen products. I'm going to find this hard considering I rarely wear makeup at the moment.

Day one:

I wore one of my new lipsticks that I bought yesterday.

YSL Rouge Volupte - 30 - Peche Faubourg/Faubourg Peach.

Faubourg Peach is a very creamy, almost-neon peach colour.

It's very moisturizing, long lasting and it smells nice.
Doesn't taste too bad either.

A TINY amount goes a long way with this lipstick.
These photos were taken after I blotted my lips on a tissue and even after I blotted, my lips felt a bit slippery (in a good way).

The lipstick is so moisturizing that it felt a tad similar to a non-sticky gloss.

1 comment:

Florence said...

Awww... beautiful color of lipstick. It matches your skin tone.


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