I'm vidulant when it comes to my blog. I love to write at least three posts a day and I cant stand when people say "Oh sorry, I've been such a bad blogger. I've just been so busy." It's really not difficult that put a post up once a week. Unless your in my position and are at your grandparents house with no internet and being worked like slave labour to finished a book. Haha. Joking, it's been great - kinda.

I'm praying that I'm gonna be home in the next two days and I thought I'd upload some photos of me over the last week just in case you forgot what I look like =p


Anonymous said...

Nice to see your back for a short while :) Love the pics!

Krissy said...

I was wondering where you'd gotten to! I was so used to seeing like 3+ posts a day from you haha.

i also hate when people go 'ive been a bad blogger' lol its just unecessary!

Kristie said...

:) great pictures!


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