About Me.

Grandfather when he was my age.

My favourite skirt - vintage Cotton On.

My new (at the time) ring and favourite nail polish colour!

Supre jumper.


Vedrana and I gay clubbin on her bday 2009

I wanna be a cowgirl baby!


Emre and I in 2008.

Vedrana and Moe ridin the big red car.

Lookin out my back window (when I lived in Tatura)

Another photo from when I lived in Tatura.

Yet another from Tatura - bro's birthday cake.

This was a one minute walk from my house in Rosebud.

JimJam (Jamal) and I.

Cookie wearing one of my old extension pieces for a laugh - 2008.

Love the red ring. Daniel 2008.

One of the hottest guys in my home town dropping me off at home.
(2003) Emir.

My 18th birthday. Notice how long my hair is? All one length to hips.

Woah, needed a re-fill.

Playing Princess Leia on my front step while my car windscreen was getting replaced.

Red Red Red.

I hate cats, go figure.
Excuse the mess.

The first box I unpacked of shoes. Only seven boxes to go lol.
Back in the days where I had over 300 pair of heels.

Tommy Toodle.


Rocky sleeping on his baby (Snoopy toy).

Grandparents pool - summer 2009.

Oh yeah.

<3 these kind of photos.

Needed to blot.

The rims I had on my silvia. Needed a wash.

On a furry pillow.

Yeah, I'm a pokey tongue sorta girl.

The last time I attempted blonde. Got to this colour then went back to black.

Turkish symbol and my nazar.

Mua-ha-ha chip face.

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Anonymous said...

Look at you you look great in all the pics! Hahah it kinda reminds me of myself taking pics all the time for different reasons and to remember things I loved


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