Wallets And Clutches And Bags - Oh My! Picture Heavy Feature.

I told you all that I'd do a large 'Weekly Feature' to make up for my lack of features so here it is.

I was re-organizing my bedroom and I found a few bags that I forgot I had. In that moment I decided that despite the fact that it's taken me over 3 hours to photograph, edit and upload all these photos, I was going to do a super sized Weekly Feature post.

I'm missing about 30 odd bags from my collection but I think these will do. Haha.

The first in a long line of Guess bags.
My Guess luggage bag.

Pink Guess oversized wallet.

Marc Jacobs letter scramble bag.

Guess clutch that I use as a makeup bag, as you can tell.

Pink Playboy tote bag that reminds me of my Louis Vuitton one.
(Can't find the LV version I own sorry, will photograph it when I find it and update this post)

Guess skull clutch.

Black (not brown like in the photo) Sachi faux fur clutch.

My Playboy overnight bag.

Mums Playboy overnight bag.

Luggage tag.

Guess khaki clutch.

My first Guess bag, thanks to an ex boyfriend. It was $180.

Peacock vintage-imitation clutch.

Jabocs by Marc Jacobs net beach bag.

Guess mini skull clutch in hot pink and coral/orange.

4 pastel tone clutches purchased at Globalize.

Louis Vuitton Miroir bag aka plasma tv.

Green Guess leopard print clutch.

Louis Vuitton bag - it's fake but I love the material.

Waterproof enviro bag.

Vintage Gucci clutch. My favourite.

Forever New floral chiffon clutch.

Guess lime wallet. I bought it yesterday in the city.

Nine West leopard print glomesh bag.

Lee zebra clutch.

LaCoste pink and white candy stripe mini bag.

Juicy Couture pink velour coin purse.

Guess gold monogrammed clutch.

Sachi faux fur bag.

Forever New coral, lemon and pink opera wallet.

Givenchy mini wallet.

Guess makeup bag.

Industrie makeup bag.

Vintage Tiffany & Co envelope clutch.
Brand new, still in the box with the original tissue paper.

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent YSL crinkle leather wallet.

Vintage Prada wallet.

'I want it now' Guess bag.

Gucci vintage bag that doubles as a clutch.

Forever New lilac handbag.

Forever New pearl opera wallet.

Ralph Lauren croc skin clutch.

Guess denim clutch.

Guess crocskin clutch.

Vintage leopard print bag.

Sportsgirl gingham makeup bag.

Vintage Fendi wallet.

Givenchy overnight bag.

Forever New denim tye dye opera wallet.

Yves Saint Laurent pouch bag.

Yves Saint Laurent makeup bag that I use as a clutch.

Vintage Fendi clutch.

Fendi crossword clutch.

Dolce&Gabbana snakeskin business card holder.

Vintage Dior crinkle leather handbag.

Pink leather & suede bag from Globalize.

Enzo Angiolini cutch I got at Nine West.

Christian Dior vintage purse.

Imitation Gucci & Louis Vuitton bags.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue beach bag.

Charlie Brown bag that I share with my mum.

Diesel bag that my mum got me for my birthday 2 years ago.

Burberry Blue Label bag.

Christian Dior vintage makeup bag that I use as a clutch.

Vintage black glomesh pouch bag.

Sportsgirl black velvet bag, I also have this in grey but can't find it to photograph.

Bardot Chanel style bag.

Bardot Chanel style bag.


Becky said...

OMG! I love Louis Vuitton bags! I want one!


paige said...

what a collection!
i am drooling over the silver louis bag, it is BEAUTIFUL!

Krissy said...

woah, what a massive collection! you really do love your designer stuff! haha sad to say i dont own one single designer bag wallet :P

Bury Me In Velvet said...

oh Krissy you gotttttta buy one. it's just the best feeling. lol.

i could be in old ripped and hairdye covered trackies, a pair of thongs, a baggy tshirt, hair not done, makeup not done and wearing the Louis Vuitton Miroir bag and I'd still feel a million bux just because of that bag. Also, what I've noticed is that girls are nice to you when you have a bag like that. They think your rich lol. I'll admit the bag is worth a lot of money but still, I've seen them go on Ebay for between $300 - $800. I'd spend it. It's a once off cost and you have the bag for life.

I dunno, I just like investing in fashion. Most people think it's a waste of money but I disagree. As long as you don't go overboard. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful :) I want the Dolce and Gabbana Beach bag! Where did you get it?


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