Recap On My Birthday Plus Be Looking Out For My Photo Posts.

This is the fourth day we have day the hire car so I'm having the best four days of my life haha. No more walking to the bus and dragging heavy parcels home. I know this money could have been better spent on something else but I don't really care!

My birthday was fantastic!!! So many presents that I will be doing many photo posts later. As for last night? That was also great. I went out to a place called Lazy Moe's. It's an Italian restaurant in Tullamarine so about 10 minutes from my house. My friend, lets call him Stalker (personal joke) picked up at 7 and he drove me home at around 10 so I didn't even have to drive myself on my birthday!!! That, the fact that my glass of Pepsi was as large as my arm from my elbow to my wrist and that I got sung happy birthday made my night even better. I love big drinks at dinner. I'm a person who cannot eat without having a sip of drink every 3 seconds.

I had so much fun in general. Stalker went to my birthday party last year so we were joking about that he would make a great boyfriend, take me out on my birthday and never see me in between (because I only see him every 2 months.)

I came home, retired to my bungalow and fell asleep to the sound of Cleo (pet dog) snoring on a pillow next to me and a movie playing in the background.

I woke up at 4am to the reminder on my phone that there is an unread message. It was from my friend Roman, who I've known for 10 years. He was wishing my a happy birthday so I sent him a text. He was awake so we talked on the phone for half an hour or so. It's so weird. He will be leaving for overseas one month after I leave. He got a scholarship so he is going to study at a university in **totally forgot the country**. Either way he will be about the same distance he is from me now. He lives in Canberra and I live in Melbourne. Were about 9 hours driving distance from each other.

Other than that my grandparents called and wished my happy birthday in the afternoon. As soon as I answer the phone they sing the happy birthday song and then we talk for 10 minutes.

Photo posts aren't far behind. We have to make use of the hire car today so it probably wont be for another 7 odd hours but I'll get there. I just want the photos to be proper quality otherwise I'd just take photos on my Macbook Pro.

I'll even be updating this post with the photos of my pepsi etc haha.

Be looking for my

- Birthday FOTD
- Birthday Presents Post 1 & 2
- My Shopping Post 1 & 2
... and any other photos I find along the way.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good time! :)


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