A New Quote To Live By.

'Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels.' - Kate Moss.

8 words have never been so true. Normally I'd be in the state of mind that 'What would Kate Moss know about being overweight', right?

That sentence truly does sum it up for me. I love food, I love soft drink and lollies but no matter how great they taste, I always feel bad afterwards. Not guilty, just weighed down. Unhealthy. I remember my flat stomach, tiny waist and curves for days. Now I just feel like one big curve.

I think now that I've been diagnosed with being lactose intolerant, while I have to cut out milk, most cheeses, yoghurt and other dairy such as ice cream from my diet I want to cut out a few other things too. I know it's time to stretch my willpower to it's witts end and cut out all the things that are making me feel like Ten Tonne Tessie.

Just before I wrote this post, I took the last swig of my can of coke. I feel yuck. I need to remember this feeling. Bogged down, heavy, greasy - like I'm swimming in tar. I'm looking at that can, sitting there all red & tempting.. and although I love to charge at a can of coke like a wild bull, I'm flipping every can of soft drink the bird and I'm going back to my water with a slice of lemon. It always leaves me refreshed and quenched.

You know what this means, don't you?
Back to nightly Zumba, sweating like an Olympic silver medalist, wholemeal pasta, doing a wardrobe overhaul for motivation, drinking water by the gallon and a vegetarian diet.

Give me the strength to get back to this.

Me in 2008

Me in 2007
Me in 2006

These photos may not look 'skinny' to you and by all means, I'm not a skinny person (even in my above 'skinny' photos) but believe me when I say, my body looks great (to me) at this size.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

- I will always have large boobs, I'm an E cup.
- I will ALWAYS have a big bum. I've had it since I was born.
- I will always have a smaller waist than my hips and chest.
- If I drop below a certain weight, my face goes all 'bitchy' and I look really harsh and arrogant.
- I want that tiny bit of extra 'fat' or 'chubb' on my body & face.
-I'm an hourglass and that sums it all up.

I'm not aiming for SKINNY, I'll settle for slim.

I'm extremely lucky that I hold my weight well. A lot of girls/women who weigh what I currently do, are not as fortunate as I am. I think that's why it's taken me so long to make the commitment to diet. I know I'm overweight, I know I could look 100 times better but my body at the moment isn't all that bad in my eyes. Sure I purposely don't look in the mirror some days, but I know girls half my size who have a 'fat' complex. That train of thought is just not in my nature. I am always too busy looking at the positives to look at the negatives.

I guess it's time to own up to both.

**Walks into kitchen and snaps off a piece of celery**

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Latinminx79 said...

Girl it's not about being skinny its about being healthy. When you eat good you feel good!!! Just think of it that way!


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