My First Vlog Post Is On YouTube.

Finally, my first vlog has been posted.

Yes, I have a weird Aussie accent. Argghhh, can't wait to move overseas to hopefully pick up the Italian accent. It will definitely be a lot sexier than the 'How ya goin ya cockatoo?' 'Yearrhhh, check out the budgie smugglers Donk!' accent I have at the moment.

My brother made me so paranoid the other day after I showed him a short clip. I have such a complex about it now, haha.

Anywho, to watch me apply some YSL lipstick and be paranoid about sounding like a true blue..

click here.


Anonymous said...

yay checking it out now! :) Ill add you as a friend ad sub ya too from my youtube :)

♥Nur KissKat♥ said...

Lol! At least you have the courage to do a video and don't worry you sound fine not weird at all. I seriously don't think you want my Singapore accent it's weirder than yours :P WEIRD!


Bury Me In Velvet said...

DeAnna - I'll finally be able to check out your YouTube if you become a subscriber.

Nur - I WANNA HEAR THIS ACCENT NOW. You have me all intrigued! =p Video Video Videeooo!

♥Nur KissKat♥ said...

Lol! No! No! No!. I'm too shy. You can hear my voice when we meet up :)

Hope to hear from you soon when it stops raining :)



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