Knock Knock. Whos There? The Postman!

This post is just a few small goodies my postman was kind enough to deliver.

Thank-you Ebay!

A Givenchy manicure set.

A Chanel cosmetics sharpener. I swear I'm starting a collection of designer sharpeners.
It's good to have a quirky, inexpensive addiction.

1 comment:

Lydia said...

Hi honey!

I have finally found your comment, as now blogger let you see where you receive them. anyway, LOL I don't even speak fast, you know?
You just need to get used to natives' pace I think.
At first you're going to think "oh my god, I thought I could speak this language. evidently I should think again!", but you're actually going to get used to it pretty fast.
At least, it's what I thought the first time I've been to an English speaking country ;)

Good luck!


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