My First Birthday Haul.

As I've said a million times before, my camera is currently stuffed. Mum was planning to buy me a new camera for my birthday but she couldn't find one she liked. We will just buy one when I fall in love with a particular one.

Here is what my brother got me for my birthday. I'm using generic Google images (for reasons I just explained).

A Hot Pink Nintendo DSi.

Sonic And Mario Winter Olympic Games.

He also bought me a protector cover for the DSi which came with a USB charger so whenever I'm on my laptop it can be charging.

I love all of those things. I had a little cry, ok big cry when I seen the DSi. I didn't think he would go that far in his presents although he has always given me fantastic presents. I think he bought me my first phone for crying out loud.

Although I do love the DSi dearly and it hasn't left the pocket of my new handbag since I opened it, I'd have to say one of my favourite presents this year was the two Calvin Klein makeup sets he bought me. I will be reviewing them from tomorrow on. I'm gonna have to do it in segments because there is around 15 items to swatch, try out, review and make my mind up about.

:) Peace.


Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

Love the hot pink! Your Brother is so nice to you :)

Make Up Nonsense said...

You got a DSi! That's so cool! I have been wanting one foreverrr. And good color choice too :)


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