My Asian Persuasion Turned Procrastination.

There has always been something that's knocked around inside my head. I've always wanted to know if young (20's) Australian-ized Asian guys were into wog chicks. (For all you people who don't know what a wog is.. It's someone of European/Ethnic origin). I often see Asian girls dating other nationalities but I rarely see an Asian guy with a girl of a different race.

My own history so far is so, so bad. Majority rules that Asian guys don't find wog chicks attractive. I'm not talking about wog chicks though, I'm talking about myself. I find some Asian guys incredibly attractive but have never bothered pursuing one. Oh wait, not true. I used to hang out with this guy who was half Asian. He was tall, solid body, crazy hairstyles, definitely Asian facial features and the nicest smile out. We kissed once and then went back to just flirting. He doesn't really count in my opinion because he was more Aussie than most Aussies.

Anyway, my success rate has been slim to none, as you can see. Speaking of slim, it doesn't help my cause that most Asian guys are a naturally skinny build. Some are TINY and obviously, I am not so toothpick-ish. Even if I had 1% body fat, my chest would still come around the corner 5 minutes before me and my butt is always staring in the front yard of a house that is three houses behind me. I'm an hourglass shape and I'm carrying a few extra kgs at the moment so dating a skinny guy would feel like he was Olive Oil and I was Popeye and that just ain't right in my eyes.

The reason I'm mentioning all of this is because I was in the city on Friday night, walking along, trying to get my phone to work when it happened...


This good looking Asian guy around 25 looked me up, then down, then up again. He smiled, slowed his step, turned to talk to me and .. I turned into the closest store on my left and started browsing at the posters on the wall.


Fair enough I was on my way to a friend date but really?! Like really?! This has been a mission my whole adult life yet the first time a random Asian guy off the street is about to speak to me, I freak it and bail?

I should slap myself. No, YOU should slap me.

At the time I wasn't worried that I turned into the stairway of a peepshow. I also wasn't worried that the poster I was staring at was actually a picture of a naked man with his privates covered by a big yellow arrow pointing you downstairs for a ladies-only peepshow.

Great, there goes my second chance in case I ever come across him again.

Ugh. As much as I'd love to be approached by an Asian guy, I think the fear of the unknown just got to me. What if he had a really strong accent I couldn't understand? What if he was just asking for directions? What if he actually liked me? What if he stole my bag? =\

No matter what nationality he was, my chicken shit brain would have made excuses and forced my body in the opposite direction to the fast approaching hottie.

Just because I can't rewind the moment, doesn't mean we all can't learn from my mistakes.

Here is what I should have done.

Casually swept my fringe out of my face while tugging down my skirt just slightly (my skirts always hike up an inch or two when I'm walking (damn bum), cleared my throat really quickly (and quietly) and most importantly I should have cleared my mind and smiled.

If I had of done those things, I could have had two dates this weekend rather than one.

The only positive thing I can take away from that experience is - I still got it ;)


Until my next disastrous post,


Anonymous said...

Awwwww lol I think you were just being shy :P~~~ I think i do the same thing. well did haha

Krissy said...

It really depends on the guy... my bf is asian and he likes 'white' girls...he wouldnt go for dark/asian girls.

but as for your guy fail, awwwww damn! how annoying.. maybe you just werent sure how to react?
if youre really keen on a sexy asian boy, go to asian nights at clubs... i think eve has asian night...oh and i went to asian night at loft, that was pretty awesome. lots of azn eye candy ;) and i got picked up by a cute asian guy too but my bf was with me lmaoo :P

Bury Me In Velvet said...

DeAnna - LOL. So true. Shy as anything. Shit myself to be honest.

Krissy - U AND I ARE GOING TO AN ASIAN NIGHT AT A CLUB. Bring ur bf, he can protect us if a gang of hot Asian guys wanna pick us up. He might be able to help me get 'in' with one of the guys there too hahahaha.

Krissy said...

LOL! hahahha yes! omg that would be so fun! I dont know when asian nights are on...I usually get the inside info from one of my asian party girl friends...but I shall let you know :D

♥Nur KissKat♥ said...

That's so cute of you that you did that :) Trust me alot of Asian boys love "white girls" ALOT! ALOT!

Krissy you should bring her to Asian Night. Not only are they cute, they are smart as well!


Bury Me In Velvet said...

Nur I think that you, Krissy and I should all go to Asian night together.


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