Move Over Mr Kane.

If I can't have Christian Kane, I'm moving on to Taeyang.

Stunning, right??


London's-beauty said...

omdais Taeyang!!!!

Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

*thump thump thump thump!! hotttieee! :P~~ Love his style

Leah ♥ said...

omg I have a friend who would love this guy!

Krissy said...

mmmmmmmmm i love asian guys...haha he's hot!!
it took me like 20 seconds to realise that song is not in english lmao

shasha said...

aww my favourite singer..^^

Kristie said...

LOL Taeyang...oh yea!!

Bury Me In Velvet said...

@ DeAnna - love the thump thump motion. my point exactly ;) hahahahaha.

@ Leah - your friend? girl, I LOVE HIM and i'm not sharing him lol.

@ Krissy - roooooffffflllll. me too. it confused me coz he uses english words here n there.

@ Kristie - your enthusiasm is the same as mine.

@ ShaSha & London's Beauty - <3


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