It's A CATatonic CATastrophy!

My mum is sitting next to me on the couch and surfing the internet on her laptop. She told me to look up Paul And Joe cosmetics to see how beautiful the packaging was. As always, she was right, the packaging is magnificent. I started having a browse at their items when I came across it..


Not just the packaging but the lipstick itself is moulded as a cats heads. Although I'm intrigued by their individuality and I'm impressed at how different the concept is, I'm a person who eats the heads off animal shaped lollies and tiny teddies biscuits just in case they can feel it. I always want to 'end it' quickly for them. They know their fate, they're glucose or dough, but still.. it's not my place to pull them apart or chew them slowly like little kids do just to see how far they will stretch before they snap. *cringes*

I dunno, I freak out a little when people eat animal shaped things from the feet upwards because all I can think about is 'that innocent little jelly baby is being tortured'. I obviously watched Toy Story too many times as a kid. It had an effect on me. When the rubber toys in the claw machine started 'Ooooooing' I knew I was changed forever.

Cats on their own freak me out. I swear by the fact that they are evil. Cats cannot be trusted so it's obvious what my opinion is on these lipsticks.

Evil. Haha, not dramatic at all.

I honestly can't imagine slowly watching the cat lose its ears, eyes and nose. I can see it now.. I'd go to apply it and the face would change from (turn head on the side to see the smilies)
to =o or even worse, it would change to.. >=|

Nope, will not be purchasing this range of Paul and Joe lipsticks. No unnecessary torture to kitten lipsticks for me.


Anonymous said...

Hahah! I feel the same about animal shaped things, I always eat animal crackers by biting the heads off first just in case they do feel it haha.
And the cat thing your right. There is just no telling about felines. You should read this book called ferral. It just explains in a story form how crazy they can be. I was also attacked by my grandmothers cat when I was younger and I am now permantly scarred from him across my chest and in the crease of my arm where your veins are. If I get really tan they show up so much.

Anonymous said...

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