Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Hair Mist Review And Weekly Feature.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Hair Mist
Price: $120 AUD
Size: 35ml
Quality: So good that it's a weekly feature! Let me explain..

I've have mentioned in the past that Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche is my true love in a bottle. It is the perfect scent to my nose. It's fresh without being masculine, it's feminine without smelling like your grandmothers bowl of potpourri and it is never sickening or overpowering.

If I love the perfume so much that I wont even consider intermixing others into my life, of course I am going to love the hair mist.

Some people would consider this a waste of money and in reality, $120 is a LOT of money for a measily 35ml but it's oh so wonderful to own. I didn't pay for it as it was one of my birthday presents from my mum and I'm forcing myself to take it easy to make it last. I could probably use 35ml in a week if I went out with my friends a lot haha.

If this was 100ml for around the same price, I'd buy it as often as I buy the perfume. My hair is very damaged at the moment and the last thing I want to do is spray perfume on to it. This hair mist is not harsh and stays on for hours.

Why do I spray my hair? I have the problem that when I spray perfume, after 10 minutes I can't smell it, even if everyone else can. This usually results in me re-spraying myself every half an hour, thus wasting a lot of my expensive perfume. This hair mist solves the problem of my perfumes disappearing act because every time I move my head, I get the sweet scent of Chanel in my nose and an instant smile across my face. In other words, I smell amazing and look like a happy and nice person at the same time. That's a winning combination in my eyes.

Would I recommend this? If you have the money and love the perfume I'd definitely recommend this. I don't think I would have bought this if my mum didn't give it to me as a gift. I can't justify spending that much money on such a small item. So if your like me and not up for spending big bux on a small item, I'd recommend buying the gift box. It's roughly the same price if you hunt around for it. I just bought the gift box on American Ebay for $120 AUD including postage/shipping to Australia. On the American Chanel official website, the perfume gift box is (I think) $120USD not including postage/shipping. I don't know about you but I'd prefer to pay USD $120 compared to the $450 Australia charges for the exact same gift box. Like I've said before, Australian is an expensive country to live in.

The gift box includes a 50ml perfume, 30ml moisturizer and 30ml foaming shower gel.

In a week (when the gift box arrives) I'll be washing, spraying x 2 and moisturizing in Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.

The next Chance spokesperson? I think so.

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