Cheap As Chips.

When I was shopping in Kmart the other day, there were so many things I loved that I got out my camera and made a 'cute list'.

I didn't buy them, even though I could have - they were all so bloody cheap.

I bought the last two pair of shoes. What do ya think, adorable or what??

Way Out Of Your League PJ top. I'd wear it as a normal tshirt!

I Heart Antz Pantz - Well I would if they made over a DD cup.

Denim tye-dye flats $10 - And they aren't even on sale!!
The floral ones next to them are $10 also.

Zipper rose flats $15

Cream & gold glomesh flats $15

The black designs are endless $10 - $19.

Funky boots for $20 on sale from $39.

I couldn't leave these two on the shelf so I bought them.
A red canvas pair and a denim pair - $4 each reduced from $6 each!

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Anonymous said...

I need to go to kmart!


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