B Collection By Bloom Swatches.

I am a huge fan of creamy nail polish. I'm always disappointed when a colour is watery or dull. I love a thick application brush, quick drying polish that come in excellent shades and wont cost me $30 a bottle *cough*OPI*cough*. Is that too much to ask? Not anymore it's not!

As you all know, I am a shopper. It's what I do. Even if it's just window shopping with $5 in my one of my vintage designer wallets. It calms me, it makes me happy. There is no better feeling than finding a bargain and a bargain I have found!

The other day in Target I was checking out the Calvin Klein cosmetics for my next giveaway when I seen a sign advertising B Collection By Bloom nail polishes. I already have 5 but I have a wish list for almost every shade. I love them. They are usually $14.95 each so when I seen that Bloom were having a 2 for $20 sale, I splurged.

I bought 6.

$60 for 6 nail polishes.. Ugh, I felt physically ill just thinking about it.. Until I swatched them at home.

Now, I'm kicking myself I didn't make it $100.

(I am not swatching the other 2 because they are part of my upcoming purple giveaway)

L - R
Oslo, Venice, Geneva, Ibiza


Geneva Flash

Geneva Natural Light


Ibiza Flash

Ibiza Natural Light (Washed Out Light)


Oslo Flash

Oslo Natural Light


Venice Natural Light

Venice Flash

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Anonymous said...

O!!! I love the Ibiza colour!! Its so pretty!


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