Three Stripes And Your Out!

After being so obsessed with every episode of Glee, I decided to type 'Dianna Agron' into Google images. I dunno about all you other girls but when I think a chick is beautiful, I save like 100 photos of her haha. I don't know why, inspiration maybe?

Anyway, I think she is stunning and in the first two pages of Google images results, I noticed a pattern appearing.

Do you notice the pattern? Haha, such a pun.

She must love stripes. They sure love her.


3ate4 said...

She always looks lovely!

Steph said...

Thanks for the follow; following yours too :) Lovely blog you've got!

I've never really noticed her love for stripes until you mentioned it LOL... I love her in GLEE!! Officially my new fave show!



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