Three Blogless Days

Tomorrow I'm going to my grandparents house for three days. OoO three whole days without Blogger =\

I will be going cold turkey without my blog for three days which isn't going to be fun, but on the up side, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing my grandparents and consuming a monster sized bowl of wedges served with a double iced coffee at their local cafe.


I'm gonna make sure to take a lot of photos. There wont be any shopping trips because it's a small country town but I should be able to take some charming photos there.

I'm finally on 90 followers so you guys should be taking advantage of my blog sale! If the prices are too high, would someone please tell me? My blog sale has to fund some amazing finds on Ebay haha. I'd prefer to sell my Mac makeup to you girls rather than bitchy strangers on Ebay.

Speaking of..

I hate Ebay from a sellers point of view. It's too expensive to sell things. Fees are bullshit expensive and people on there are rude as balls! I cant believe I just got a negative feedback because some COW didn't go to her local post office to pick up her item. Her postman left a card because she wasn't home and she didn't think to GO TO THE POST OFFICE which means she thought it was appropriate to leave a negative saying that she 'didn't receive her parcel'. Uh, get off your ass and go collect it. That's why I provided her with the freakin registered post number, so she could track it ONLINE. People really drive me up the wall when they are so mean and unfair. She only did it because sellers CANT give a negative feedback, which is also bullshit.

Anyway, enough of a rant. I just packed my bag for my trip. It's three days but I'm a girl so I packed three pair of shoes, like 9 tops, a jumper, a dress, a skirt, some pants, my pjs and some other stuff haha. All of it fits perfectly into my Givenchy overnight bag. My handbag is another story altogether. That thing will be overflowing with last minute things. No doubt I'll chuck my phone charger, toothbrush, underarm deodorant, Nintendo Ds, Ds charger, ipod (brothers) and 100 other things in there as I am walking out the door. I don't know if I love or hate bus trips, they can be so relaxing - if your sitting alone or with someone you actually know. I have taken the bus to Sydney like 10 times, which is a 12 hour trip. So now that I think about it, I've spent over 120 hours on buses. Easily 150 hours I reckon. This trip is only two hours so it's not so bad.

Enough rambling on from me. Must go and watch a movie and finish my mums pedicure - ew. Hahaha, just waiting for her to read this post and dig into me.

Will miss you girls.

See you in three days!

You better comment me while I'm gone hahahahahhahha.


C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

grrr tell me about it!!! ebay shits me sometimes.
have fun on your mini vacation and can't wait to see some pics :)
and dw, those fuckers aren't getting any money from me! they havent bought it up. they're totally dodgy! i don't think they're gonna pay me for the week's training and hours of work i did.
yeah i hated the job, never ever again!
thanks so much for the advice, you actually motivated me the other night when i saw your comment to go onto some sites and apply! hopefully im lucky with one of them.
ive been selling on ebay but it is a bit of a hassle! can't decide the items for my blog sale, i want to keep some but i know i wont get around to using it. haha i need to let them go!

Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

Have fun on your trip! I just got back 2 days ago and still my suitcasr is on the floor unpacked. I had to drive about 13 hours to and from my vacation spot.

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Have fun at the grand 'rents' house! :3 Grandparents are awesome...

Also, yeah, eBay can definitely get pricey when selling. :/ Every time I sell something, I lose an obnoxious amount of profit.

Bury Me In Velvet said...

hey girls, thanks so much for your holiday wishes. i had a great time. so many photos to upload!


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