Sebastian Is A Big Kid Now.

It's my brothers birthday today and he has just opened all of his presents.

Mum got him around 30 items of clothing, a ps3 game called Uncharted 2, two Gordon Ramsay cook books (because he is a training chef), a James May book (because he loves TopGear), 10 pair of boxer shorts and some other tid bits.

I got him a pair of Adidas Stormtrooper kicks, a pasta maker, a Boston tshirt and a pair of jeans.

He better wear a new outfit today or I'm gonna draw a penis on his face in his sleep for being such a dick. Lol.

I'm making sure we stop at a photobooth today while we are out buying him a mountain bike.

I wont post photos of all the items he got for his birthday because this is a 'girls' blog but here are someone elses photos of the shoes I got him.

They are awesome.


♥Nur KissKat♥ said...

Those shoes are awesome! I've seen other models before, they are just crazy.

Anyway you're such a good sister for getting him those shoes!


Anonymous said...

Aww hope he had a great bday! :)


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