Pretty Please, With A Strawberry On Top?

I love red hair, as long as it's not on me.

Red hair is very hard to maintain because it dulls down VERY quickly.

If you do have red hair then just by spending a few dollars and 10 minutes a week will change your hair from a dull 'ginger' into a vivacious bombshell.

Simply comb one of these colours over your red hair to get instantly highlights and low lights of the most bold and spectacular colour you can imagine.

I recommend Fudge Paintbox in Raspberry Beret, Red Corvette or Hot Chilli.

A strange but effective tip - Add small pink highlights, or go over your red colour in pink for an extra umph to your colour.

I recommend Fudge Paintbox in Pink Moon or Pretty Flamingo.

Here are some examples of how to do it right at all ages with all shades.

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