A Fan Of Miss Fanning.

It makes me really happy when I see Dakota Fanning walking the red carpet.

Even though I love seeing Miley Cyrus and other teen stars walk the red carpet in long couture gowns with the smokey eyes and dramatic lips, sometimes I just wish that teen stars would stay teens! Don't get it twisted, I hate when people criticize them for dressing 'too mature for their age' because really, it's no-ones business and age is only a number BUT I know that when I was 17 you couldn't tell me apart from any other 21 year old. I guess I just love seeing teens dress like teens because I sort of skipped that stage.

Dakota Fanning is the perfect example. She is what, 17? She always dresses in an elegant fashion but still keeps a young spin on things. She is how I'd expect any 17 year old movie star to dress.

I don't ever remember seeing her in a long gown, even though I'm sure she would look stunning in one, but I love the fact she doesn't go in that direction.

Her clothes suit her. They always look like something she has picked out for herself and her makeup is NEVER overdone or heavy.

I think she looks beautiful in her natural state. A little touch of black eyeliner to make dramatic statement and that's all she needs.


Carla said...

she is a great actress!! I love her!

Fintia said...

She is becoming a woman, so pretty


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