Pantene Night Miracle Review.

After bleaching my hair last week I have started using treatment products to lessen the damage of my hair.

I used a Fructis treatment which didn't make a difference, a Schwarzkopf treatment that was not worth the price tag and then I forgot my rule and I bought the Pantene Night Miracle treatment. I had seen it on tv and liked the fact you can 'use it on dry hair and it dries odorless and residue free'.

The first night I used it, I thought it was great. I put it on my dry hair, while I was watching tv and I went to sleep. I woke up and instantly touched my non-greasy and soft hair. As soon as I felt, smelt and seen a good result, I let all of my bad memories of Pantene making my hair a greasy dandruff mess just fade away into oblivion and I continued to use it.

B I G M I S T A K E .

I used it three times, it seemed fine. My hair was responding well, keeping it's frizz free straight style, not clumping together, it was tangle free and the ends just felt like silk. The fourth time I used it, it was like someone gave me the evil eye. I woke up the next morning with dirty oily hair from scalp to tips. My hair was a notty tangled rats nest and my hair looked broken and more damaged than it even is!

I was too busy enjoying the after effects of the first three applications to remember that Pantene always gives me the most perfect soft thick luxurious hair - and then it takes it away. The fourth application is less glamorous. It's like Pantene just builds up on each of your strands until your hair decides to wage open war on the foreign invasion of hair product. I understand it's what my hair needs to do, but it's never pretty. My scalp becomes the main battlefield. I need to wash my hands as soon as they touch my hair because my skin feels sticky and greasy. I know that sounds bad enough, but if I touch my scalp I get a instant gag reflex. It feels like I dipped my fingertips in melted jelly babies mixed with sloppy doughnut icing - without the gorgeous colours, flavours or scents.

To try and put an end to this war, I washed my hair twice, put some treatment on the ends only and then blow dried it so my scalp didn't have time to fester in the dampness. It's a lot better now, a week later, but the ends of my hair are dried out and brittle. Pantene is a poor loser and leaves you worse than it started. If it can't take over and come into total power, it will make your hair pay with it's life. I've seen enough broken hair strands and split ends to last me a lifetime. It's time to bring out the big guns. I'm going to visit Hairhouse Warehouse tomorrow to get some hairdresser quality treatments so my hair doesn't melt or snap when I decide to bleach it again.

Overall - In my opinion, don't buy this product. Pantene is not good for your hair. I use Pantene once every 50 washes just to boost my hair but it's never something I can or will use full time.


Krissy said...

oooh wow thanks for posting this. I was gonna buy this after seeing the ads and hearing that it doesnt leave your hair greasy...but Im not so sure now! haha

Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

Yikes! I used to use Pantene to. The shampoo and conditioner that helps soften and strengthen your hair and after a year or two using it my hair just rejected it and I had issues with oily hair and build up. I use natural and minty or salon shampoos now because my hair is the pickiest thing!

Anonymous said...



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