Recycle Your Weeds. It's Healthy For Your Garden.

I recently ran into an ex boyfriend, not ran over, ran into. It made me think about our time together.

It made me wonder whether the six months I spent with him was a waste of my time or whether it helped me grow into the person I am today.

I hate the bullshit saying 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' but I do agree that sometimes you need to get stuck in weeds to be able to appreciate the flowers.

Therefore I'll be giving you a peak into my old garden. It took a lot of pesticides but I'm finally back to bare soil.

Oh and by the way, after reading through the names of my ex boyfriends, you will realize how multicultural Australia really is.

Of course I'll start with Azad.

Now I'll jump back about 7 years to Girgis.

Ahmed (or as my mate and I call him, Armed)
He purposed.

The guy who helped me roughly glue myself together after Azad, then dumped me over the phone on our anniversary.

The best friend you try dating and then two days later realize it's never gonna happen because you cant bring yourself to kiss him with tongue lol.
It was cute, like being in primary school again. Holding hands and smiling a lot.

My first 'older' boyfriend. I was 14 he was 18. Rosario aka Ross.

On the left - Caglar aka Charlie (photographed with his younger brother Ozcan).
He was my first proper long distance boyfriend. I practically lived with him for a few months.

Salih. The best thing he did was introduce me to his best friend Tiv.
Her and I became best friends after Salih & I broke up.
I owe most of my social life in 2005 to her.

Vural Aka Popstar, because he is a singer and used to look like the Turkish singer Tarkan.
He doesn't qualify as a boyfriend but over the years he and I have kept coming back to each other. He is a great friend to me and if I weren't so damaged, he would be a perfect catch.


Anonymous said...

wow, I love your garden girl. I don't think I could ever post something so heartfelt and emotional as this about my past boyfriends. You seem to have put alot into each and everyone. Thats really special. I hope you find this perfect guy when you move and he realizes what great of a person you are. He'd be stupid not to. (btw, hello! can you send me some hotties this way from Aussie lol)

Latinminx79 said...

Cute post!!!!


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