I Choose Juicy.

On Friday I went shopping at the Vic Market to find my brother a backpack. It didn't take very long so on the way home my mum and I ducked in to Myer quickly get some capsules for mums Nespresso coffee machine. After we got the coffee the escalators were out of order so we were forced to take a detour to the elevators. Just as the bell chimed to alert us that the elevator had arrived, I caught a sale sign out of the corner of my eye. It was the shoe department.

Me + Sale + Shoes = Heaven.

I took a look around and things were a decent price but nothing really stood out. There was a whole designer section and the first pair I looked at were still $899 so I went to the more realistic area. I picked up a pair of Siren zipper boots that were exactly dupe of the Balmain ones. I thought $149 was decent but I still wouldn't pay it because I'm not a huge fan of boots. I was about to put them down when mum came over and said 'Ok so half of $149 is roughly $75'. Then I realized it was half price OFF THE ALREADY MARKED DISCOUNT. I began to panic.

I frantically went back to the designer section hoping that in the last half an hour no-one had bought all the size 8 and 8.5s. I was practically pushing women out of the way when I seen them.

A pair of Juicy Couture snow boots in black and silver. I've often been tempted to buy Dior or Guess snow boots but never bothered because I've never even seen snow before. What would I need a pair of snow boots for? But now that I'm moving to Italy, I definitely need a pair.

I held my breathe as I flipped the boot upside down, expecting them to still cost me an arm and a leg. I almost choked when I seen they were marked down to $199. I tried not to get too excited because they looked like a bear could fit his whole leg in them they were so big. I sat down and casually slid my foot into them, expecting my calves to be too big.

The perfect fit. By perfect I mean they slopped around because I wasn't wearing three pair of socks to protect my little piggies from frost bite.

I still cant believe it. A pair of Juicy Couture snow boots for only $100. My lucky day or what?! The sales assistant bought me the other side and yep, perfect. I slopped around in them for 5 minutes, just enjoying the big and bold COUTURE written across the my shins while the back says Juicy.

I only had $40 on me so I crossed my fingers when I asked the guy if he would put them on layby. He pressed his lips together and moved his mouth from side to side as he scrunched his eyes tight in deep thought. He smiled when he realized my eyes were wide in anticipation and finally agreeing that he would.

I am going to pick them up on Wednesday but I can't wait until then to share it with you.

He took me over to the counter to ring them up and I almost melted when I seen the monster sized Choose Juicy pink shoebox. The white and gold monogrammed tissue paper will make fantastic book marks, bangles and even wall paper. I'm going to lay the box flat and take it overseas with me. No way am I throwing it out or selling it. My first pair of Juicy Couture shoes.

How exciting. It was their last pair and it was the last day of the sale.

Some things are just mean to be.


Anonymous said...

wow!! nice!! Deals ans steals girly!! I love juicy and I bet they look super great on you!

♥Nur KissKat♥ said...

Very pretty. Lucky lucky girl ;)




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