Hey Fish Face!

Is it just me or is 'the pout' getting really annoying?

It is an epidemic that I joined in on once upon a time when I was young and vain but seriously.. Smile, poke your tongue out or pull an embarrassing expression.


It's called a 'trout pout' for a reason. It's annoying and unattractive.

It is the LEAST sexy thing women can do. Forget what you heard, it's gone. Over. Done.

Don't even get me started on their foundation lips. Yet another reason I dislike NUDE lips.


nicoletta said...

Haha I agree with you hun x

Krissy said...

Hahahaaa when I was in year 11, me and my bestie always used to the pout in photos...I have so many photos of it! :P
But yeah I agree, pull a smile or something...the trout pout and 'concealer lips' looks terrible!

Ria said...

I have a friend who does the trout pout without a camera present.And when I say friend I mean person I know.But she gives me reasons to laugh.She also has a beehive on her head.And wears high heels all year long, even in the beach.muahahaha.
But nude lips could be attractive.I mean with smokey eyes?

Leah ♥ said...

couldnt agree with you more!!! love how you put this on blast girl, I would but I have tooo many friends who do that hahahaha

Anonymous said...

LOL did I just do this in my last fotd? haha I only did it to show off my color of lipstick too. Oh wells I only do it as well for fun pics like my girls would be taking our pics and we say "kiss kiss" and we all pout them out haha. I think it is a bit annoying cuz sometimes we do look a little odd. :P

Skinny Fat Stacy said...

Amen sister! I hate corpse lips! Not sexy! And there's even a song on youtube regarding the trout pout. Instead, they call it the duck face. haahha it's hilarious.

Kristie said...

*pout* LOL. A dead corpse pouting lips is by no means sexy.


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