Fake Mac, Yes Or No?

I know this is a taboo subject for all the die-hard makeup fans out there, but who here owns fake Mac products? What do you think of them?

I was reading a blog the other day by a girl who was dissing the fake Mac products like you wouldn't believe and she hasn't even tried them!!! Apparently they are horrible and don't last blah blah blah, she thinks she knows it all because she is a makeup artist etc. Yes whatever, here is a lollipop, now close your mouth and stop moving your fingers because your typing is giving me a headache.

It annoys me that she is automatically assuming they are dodgy because they are fake when I know for a fact that these eyeshadows are awesome. They are pigmented to the max, have a long life on your eyes and the eyeshadow pots even come with an applicator brush and mirror underneath. I bought a few last year on Ebay because I seen them selling for around $2 each and thought why not?!

I bought a really bright purple, a fuchsia and a dark grey so I haven't used them a lot but when I did wear them, they were fantastic. I didn't know any different and neither did my friends. I may have just had a good experience or maybe I have lower makeup standards than some other people when it comes to my eyeshadow (highly doubt it), either way, please feel free to tell me I don't know what the hell I am talking about if you disagree. But until someone tells me they had a bad/horrible/terrible experience with these eyeshadows, I say these ROCK and that is all there is to it.

The reason I bring this up so randomly is because I was just looking on one of my favourite net sites and seen a Mac palette of 180 colours for sale.

You read right, ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY COLOURS! It doesn't even bother me that the palette is fake. The price it's selling for is a bargain, so good news for you girls.. As soon as I buy it, three quarters of my makeup is going up for sale because this palette is all I will need.

Don't worry, I have done my homework, watched and read review after review about this palette and the only bad comment was that some of the palettes were not packaged very well during delivery so some of the colours were broken when the palette arrived. **Note to self, remember to message seller about proper safety packaging - twice.**

Some of the reviews even did swatch tests against genuine Mac colours and the FAKE palette was actually a stronger, more pigmented colour than the genuine Mac!!

I don't see this palette as any different than buying Costal Scents or any other brand - except that its awesome factor is through the roof, but some people have a problem with the whole 'OoO it's fake, you will look bad or like a tighta$$ if you buy it.' To all those people, I say 'Let your bank account suffer while you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars buying 180 Mac eyeshadows to match the (less than $100) I'm spending on getting them all at once and conveniently packaged for transport and easy use.

Seriously girls, put your social image and the everyday skeptical judgement in your pocket for 5 minutes and have a look at this palette then tell me what you think.

Would you spend around $80 AUD on it?

UPDATE: I already have someone saying because it's fake they wouldn't buy it. Let me put it this way.

In Australia, Mac is god damn expensive. To buy each single palette colour is over $20 each.
$20 x 180 is $3,600 AUD. Plus all the emply palettes to hold all the colours. Your looking at around $3,800 - $4,000 just for 180 eyeshadows.

I'd prefer to buy a car, or four return air fares to Italy, or two Louis Vuitton bags, or hell, renovate my entire house overseas for that $4,000 dollars.

I dunno what the price of Mac is like in America but damn.. I sure as hell don't want to pay $4,000 when I can pay $80 for something that I know works just as well.

Besides, would any of you be having a fit if I showed you this palette and didn't say it was fake Mac?


paige said...

i bought the fake mac 8 piece brush set off ebay last year, i didnt even fucking know what mac was, i just saw cheap make up brushes and bought them. only upon entering the beauty blogging world did i see that the mac label was some kind of god. i use my fake mac brushes every single day and they are fantastic. so soft, never shed, apply like a dream. there is no way in hell im spending over $85 on a goddamn brush. fuck the make up snobs. i personally can think of a million better things to spend $32 dollars on, than a single eyeshadow that just happens to have the 3 letters 'mac' printed on them. i have a crapload of 'cheap' make up and a lot of it shits all over mac.
sorry, i get very angry about people who only buy things for the name.
i mean yes, mac is excellent quality, but i'd rather go buy a shitload of clothes from say, cotton on than by a single make up brush.
i say, buy the pallette, it looks beautiful :)
and that is my 2 cents.


Fintia said...

This is a fake!! I would not.. I payed only $10 for my 88 palette.. which is the same thing

Krissy said...

Haha I hate how there are MAC snobs! Its just like any label though... "Ooooh thats a fake Louis Vuitton bag, itll fall apart on you!' blah blah. Who cares! If you like the colours and its good value, buy it!You know its not real MAC, and that doesnt bother you, so go for it girl!
I agree with paige - some cheap makeup is comparable to MAC quality...so I laugh at those people who feel the need to spend all their money on Aussie retail price for MAC for a similar product they could easily get for way cheaper that doesnt have 'M.A.C.' printed on it.
I admit I do love buying MAC lipsticks but that is only when I havent found a similar colour/finish in a cheaper brand.
Anyway, I've got a fake MAC lipstick that I bought from a random beauty stall and I dont care if its 'fake'.. its still as good quality as any other lipstick, be it cheap or expensive! Plus it looks good on me, so yay for me!
LOL sorry about this long comment!!


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