Who Wants To Be My Penpal?

After reading a hell of a lot of blogs that mention having a pen pal, I've decided that I want one too.

If anyone is interested please email me at burymeinvelvet@hotmail.com or even leave me a comment on this post.

I want to put a pen to a piece of paper, send photos and stuff like makeup, socks, lollipops and other random things. I'd like to make a friend. It's just that simple.

Don't be shy, lets do something different.


paige said...

I'll be your penpal =D

Anonymous said...

This sounds like fun! I used to do the pen pal thing with a cousin of mine when I was like 11 but she was much older than me and kinda drifted away from writing, but it happens sometimes.

Bury Me In Velvet said...

Hey girls, thanks for the response.

@ Paige; hun have already written a quick note to get our pen-pal escapade started!

@ Deanna; i'd love to be your penpal if you haven't outgrown that stage. 11 wasn't exactly yesterday (for either of us) haha. Let me know if your interested and i'll get writing straight away. I feel like your penpal already. I'm always looking and hoping to see if you left a comment.

I have 45 friends and you two lovelies are the only two that are consistent with your opinions and thoughts on what I have to say. Appreciate it more than you know.

Anonymous said...

omg girl! I just seen this comment! I havn't outgrown writing hehe. I love to write. Usually I have to make myself stop since I can get pages and pages going on. I'd love to be your pen-pal :)


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