To Blythe Or Not To Blythe?

Does anyone own a Blythe doll? At first they kinda freaked me out. Little bodies, big heads and these scary eyes that would force me to wish her goodnight every time I went to bed. I'd make sure to wish her goodnight in the most pleasant and genuine way possible, just in case she came to life and beat the crap out of me during my peaceful slumber for being so neglectful and rude.
'This girl is weird, she has some serious issues.' - I can hear all of you saying something along these lines to yourself..

I guess you do become a little strange when your 12 years old and talked into watching The Bride Of Chucky (by a saddistic stepmother type who was practically my age). After being scarred for the rest of my life by this and the movie Scream (don't ask), I began wishing all of my toys 'sweet dreams' before bed. I have remained ever-so-fearful that they were out to get me. I began making sure they were comfortable and sitting with other toys that they might have something in common with..

But enough of that. In my head I can already imagine my mum reading this and thinking 'Warts and all Anastasia, warts and all.'

So to cut a longer story long.... After getting an Etsy tutorial from my mum (lord knows how this happened?!) I typed in Vuitton and this little gem came up for $45 USD. I thought to myself 'Ok, don't get excited, it must be a fake.. No way would someone sell a genuine one that cheap.'

Then, much to my surprise, when I clicked on the second picture I literally stopped for a moment and said 'Bullshit!' out loud. The second photo that came up was none other than a little fashionista carrying this bag like it ain't no thing but a chicken wing on a string.

Now, I know that unlike this anorexic, sunlight-deprived fire hydrant, I don't have a receding hairline but holy shit, how is it possible that this doll dresses better than I do? It's a sad, sad day when you want to dress like ET after Carson was finished with him..

I gotta hand it to the fantastic people on Etsy - This bag and that jacket are THE SHIIIIIIIIT!

Gold I tell you, pure gold.

I then spent the next two hours looking on the world wide web for a Blythe doll to buy and damnnnn, a standard one that needs a head to toe makeover is around $250 American dollars. ARE YOU REALLY EXPECTING ME TO PAY APPROXIMATELY $350 AUD FOR A DOLL TO PLAY DRESS UPS WITH? No, didn't think so.. So I looked for second hand ones ;)..

Geez, STILL no luck! The fact that I'm not an Ebay user anymore probably cut down a good 75% of my options. Why are these dolls so hard to come by? Hasn't anyone done a similar doll?

If anyone mentions Bratz dolls I will hurt them.

I'm 22, I refuse to buy a doll that has an age recommendation for 6 - 12 years on the box. Oh, but then again, If I can buy all the fantastic gear on Etsy and it will fit a Bratz doll, I might have to give it a try... I'l just make sure to keep her somewhere none of my friends or family will see. Somewhere that wont upset her of course. I'm not risking a full scale riot just because I wont put her on display. You know how bitchy those fashionistas can get. It's only a matter of time before they put bubblegum in your hair, spill alcohol on your new silk shoes or tell you that you look like a pregnant heffa in your new Herve Leger bandage dress because they know you lashed out and ate a chuppa chup on Wednesday.

Anyway, enough talking and more photos!

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Anonymous said...

OMG your so adorable hehee! These dolls are cute as hell. I've heard of them before. I believe they are sites out there that arr not thru etsy that make them a whole lot cheaper. Cuz geesh I wouldnt buy one for that much either when I know I would just stare at it on my shelf lol.


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