A Shopping Spree, One Hot Gay, A Cookie & Frikin Kathy Griffin.

My 3 main 'needs' for this winter were boots, pants/jeans, long sleeved tops/cardigans and a jacket.

I got the long sleeved tops and a jacket but as for the pants/jeans and boots.. Thumbs down to the current fashion of Australia. Will have to go op shopping/thrift store shopping later in the week. I was really thinking today that my Doc Martens will do as casual boots for now.
Hands up who thinks they are a tad emo/punk though?
Today, after some drama at the train station with our train changing platforms and being delayed 32 minutes, we finally got into the city and went to DFO. Started off in Wittner Shoes. I bought three of the most FABULOUS SEX IN THE CITY HEELS you have ever seen in your life. I know a lot of people go on about Sex In The City but I shit you not, these shoes SCREAM Carrie. They may as well have called the design Carrie. Oh my god, they were in blue, black and pink. Blue is my families bad luck colour but we got a pair anyway. We also got a pink pair and another pink pair for our online store. They were only $30 each!! They're fantastic, stunning and unique. I have NEVER seen them around.
Anyway, after resisting temptation to spend another $100 (on a pair of purple suede peeptoe high heeled boots and a pair of blood-red velvet ballet flats) I left and headed for Forever New. I was lucky enough to find a whole box of jewelery under the sale table that was heavily reduced (and I mean heavily). After I sifted through all the duds, I ended up with over 30 pieces of jewelery ready to be worn/sold. While I was sorting through the jewelery my mum was checking out the sale rack because she seen this fantastic steel-mauve coloured silk cropped bomber jacket. Sounds busy when I have to use that many words to describe it but trust me, it's fantastic, it was my size and it was only $19.95!!!! I have very large breasts so it's a bit tighter across the chest than it's supposed to be but a small hitch like that didn't stop me. It was too nice to leave there and besides, I'm sure Dolly Parton wont mind having some competition whenever I wear that jacket haha. I also tried on a lace blazer which was unfortunately too small. I absolutely love lace blazers, especially this one because it was dyed to look like vintage coffee stained lace. Hopefully I find a vintage one overseas.

After that we went into Guess and I have only got one word for you - BORING.

I turned the corner at Witchery and seen 100 asian chicks going crazy over this $5 table in Cotton On so I went in and shoved in next to one of them. I got some of the coolest tshirts and singlets for under $5. I heard mum call out my name and when I turned to look at her, the fur caught my eye. A faux fur vest... SOOOOOO cute, my size and only $10 - Well I'll just add that to my 10 other items I'm holding. I had a quick look around the rest of the store and looked up to see mum holding the leopard print cardigan I've been HANGING OUT FOR! It was reduced, but it was still $25. Dont get me wrong, that is cheap as chips but when I'm holding two other shrugs that are only $5 each, I get into my 'But I can buy 5 of these for one of those' tighta$ frame of mind. I can always go back and get it if I have a nightmare tonight about it.

That is usually the way it goes. I see something, I love it, I leave it behind and I have a nightmare that night that someone I really don't like bought the last one in stock and is wearing it. I'm warning my brain that if I dream about that pig nose, red head, so called comedian chick with the annoying voice wearing it. Ohhh it's payback time.

Here's my thoughts about Kathy Griffin wearing MY Cotton On leopard cardi.
(Click for larger image)

SHES NOT WORTHY, SHES NOT WORTHY. Geez-uz, I loathe that ginger.

Back on point. I was served by a hottie. I mean hottie. He was hot. Lol, hot and gay. Yup. Didn't realize he was batting for the same team until I commented on how nice his cologne is and he told me it was Luxx. I believe his exact response was 'Oh, thats random. Thanks hun. It's Luxx. You know the ad on TV where the flowers are following her down the street and all the guys turn to look at her? Well, thats me. You should try the pomegranate one. It would suit you, it's really fresh and subtle.'

Holy shit I cant get a break can I? At least he wasn't all DARRRHHH-LINGGGG, SMOOCHIES. I used to have a gay friend who was in the closet around his family so whenever he was out of the house, he was out. So out he practically jumped into other peoples closets for Pete's sake. I'm talking the kind that screams at pedestrians, gets out of the car at the lights to dance to Whitney Houston and talks like he is making fun of girls, but he wasn't, he was just talking.

Every girl apparently dreams of having gay mates. Been there, done it. They can be just as bitchy, if not more bitchy than having female friends. There has only ever been one gay guy I've been mates with that didn't talk about me behind my back or intentionally lie to try and get me to bitch about someone else. That is my mate from Sydney. I call him Cookie. Cookie is the BOMB. He is into street drags, cars, clubbing, soccer and a lot of other stuff that isn't really deemed 'gay'. He and I used to have many d&m's (deep and meaningful conversations). He would always say that just because he likes men, doesn't mean he has to act like a girl. He liked being a typical Macedonian 'w0g' guy, he just also happened to like guys.

Anyway, after a short visit to my two favourite stationary stores Smiggle & Typo and my favourite not cheapo/not expensive jewelery store Diva, mum and I waddled onto the train and headed home. I sat across from a guy who could be the twin of Julia Roberts abusive husband in Sleeping With The Enemy. Mum sat across from our shopping bags.
All of the bags you see here are F U L L .

It was a long-ass day so I didn't have the energy to take photos of all the items so please check em out in my next post. Today was a day that makes you utilize the peppermint cooling spray you just received on order from The Body Shop to relieve your sore-slightly swollen feet instantly.

I <3 you peppermint cooling spray.

I also <3 the battered sav, big-ass can of coke and chips I had for dinner because mum and I were not cooking a damn thing tonight.


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