Divorce Suits You.

I seen a 30 second clip on the news two days ago regarding the infamous kiss between the wallpaper Scarlet Johanssen (am not even bothering to look up the correct spelling of her name) and the utterly STUNNING Sandra Bullock. She looks freakin-amazing-fantastic-perfect-gorgeous-immaculate. You name it, she's it!

DAMNNNN, I want legs like that =(

PS - I think I should add that the reason I'm a Scarlet hater. It's because she is just so bland. She has this great body, a nice face and she just always looks so dull and sooky.

The best I've ever seen her look is in Iron Man 2. I mean COME ON.. How can you compare her normal like-every-other-blonde dull look to this?

It's like someone took a librarian and ignited the vixen within!!!!!!!

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miss anonymous. said...

Now that you mention it... she IS kind of ordinary... I may be biased though since I absolutely hated her character in He's Just Not That Into You. :)

xx miss anonymous.


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