Oh Shut The Hell Up!

Today I was at my local shopping center and seen the sale was still on in Cotton On. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am strangely drawn towards sale signs like a tractor beam is sucking me in and I have no control over myself or my wallet. This picture is an example - the UFO is the store and the cow is me (Ok so it's not the best example but you get my drift).

I was with my mum so instead of doing my penguin shuffle run, I walked calmly (at a faster pace than normal) into Cotton On and I seen a huge wall FULL of '$10 and under'. I know that I'm getting paid tomorrow so there was no need to keep my last $20 in my pocket, right? Right!

We went into the store and I went straight to the shoes. Some of you may have read my blog last fortnight about how I got a pair of baby pink ballet flats for $5. Well, I found the same design (sooo comfy) for the same bargain price of $5 in a gorgeous fuchsia colour. I know I get paid tomorrow and can come back for the things that are stocked in bulk so I purposely looked for the the one off things that I didn't want to miss out on. I bought a pair of white & black damask print leggings for $7.50 and a light blue polo top for my brother for $5. With $17.50 spent I decided that my last $2.50 could stay in my pocket and we left. On the way out I seen a huge pile of sleepwear for $7.50 so I made a mental note to remind myself to go back there tomorrow.

While walking around, mum shouted me a Gloria Jeans very vanilla chiller (iced coffee with whipped cream and caramel on top) - I took a photo of it because it looked like heaven in a plastic cup. We were about to go out to the bus stop when we passed Forever New with another huge SALE sign and *BRRRRRRRRRRR.TRACTOR.BEAM.BRRRRRRRR*. We went in for a quick look because I knew I couldn't get anything for $2.50, right? Wrong! Well sort of right because I had to borrow 45 cents.. But still - $2.95 bought me a pair of leopard print stockings on sale!! I ended up borrowing a little more cash off mum to buy a pair of purple knit & lurex fingerless gloves that were on sale for the bargain price of $5!!! I have to go back in there tomorrow for a few other items I seen while I was looking around.

We left the store after I had a conversation with the girl at the counter, even though you can't really call it a conversation because I couldn't get a single word in. She is one of those girls who speak over you. I'd go to say something and she would cut me off and talk about herself. About how much money she has, how she needs a new wardrobe to fit all of her new clothes and that she is getting a sore throat because of how cold the weather is - If you ask me, she is getting a sore throat because she never shuts her mouth.

Oh lord please don't let her become a friend on my blog after I've just publicly dissed her.. Hrmm.. *coughcough* On that note, did I mention how wonderful it was to encounter a chatty sales person? Some would say having a staff member speak too much is better than the ones who are too busy to serve you because they are either texting, looking at themselves in a mirror, gossiping or playing with their hair.


A lot of my friends are the type that don't stand for those kind of sales staff. They are actually divided right down the middle in their responses/reactions.

Half of them would just decide not to buy the items because the girl serving was a 'rude bitch' or up herself (which are pretty much the same thing in my eyes). The girl who used to live with me (who 'forgot to return' my Dior sunglasses and my freakin ipod!), I used to have to tell her to get a grip with things like that because if she did the whole self-righteous thing in every store with rude sales staff, she would be starving, naked and broke because there are rude sales staff in all the banks, the clothing stores and food stores I've ever been in and in the end, it was only her that was missing out because of her reaction. They couldn't care less if she buys something or not.

The other half of my friends would just be bitches right back and 'put them in their place'.
In my experience, trying to out-bitch a bitch is near impossible. The bitchier you become, the bitchier they become so they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
Besides, I'm from a bit of an 'ethnic hood' or ' arab ghetto' area as some people call it. The girls are crazy (not in a good way) and I don't want to be stabbed with a pen or have a stapler thrown at me by some psycho store assistant who's brothers are fully sik gang members and get arrested three times a week, so it's like - Can you please just buy your clothes and lets get the hell out of here..?!

One girl I used to be friends with would steal something from the store if a staff member was really rude. The first (and last) time I went to her house I was ASTONISHED! Her bedroom was like a shrine to shopping malls across Melbourne. She had an entire room full of random 'Dresses now $19.95' and 'Buy 2 & get a 3rd item for free' signs all over the place.

Our friendship didn't last very long after that day. She said stealing things was a way of getting back at them because it was about the principal... I said it was about the kleptomania. Haha.

I think all of those approaches are failures. I find it best to just smile, pay for my items and not give them a second thought coz it's like this: Honey, just because you work for a low level clothing store chain, doesn't make you queen-bee and doesn't make you top-dog, so why dont you drop your attitude and SERVE me.
I swear I'm nice, but I can't handle girls who try and treat you like shit. Your no better than I am, so why do you insist on giving me that raised eyebrow look?

Meh, enjoy the crows feet.

Must go, sorry for a reallllly longggggg post but I had to rant..



Nells said...

i loved this post!!!

paige said...

ohmygod i could not agree more with you about rude salespeople! i just dont get why they think they have the right to look down on me, its like 'uh you work in the service industry. YOU are serving ME.' strangest place i always get it is at coles! haha so random right? the old ladies that work at my local coles treat me like shit. if i go in there with my mother though, they are all smiles. so silly. and one particular girl at my local cotton on. i just let them be bitches. i buy my stuff and i get on with my life, they can stay in their own pathetic shallow land :)

love that line about 'no its the kleptomania' hahahaha

MeetMeOnTheRunway said...

Oh no shit Paige I totally agree, the middle aged women are the ones who look at you like your some immature teenager but when your with your mum its a different story. They think they can put it over you because your young and they expect respect because they are older. Pa-thetic.


Nells thanks so much for your comment. It's great to get feedback when I feel like I'm draining it with the length of my post haha.


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