Nap Time.

I got through a lot of photo editing today before I cracked an egg and called it quits. 
(cracking an egg is like having a fit or getting annoyed/frustrated/peeved off)

While I was doing that, mum cleaned the kitchen, laundry and bathroom. 

I hate house inspections. It's not enough that you pay them money, they want to come and snoop around to see that the house is being properly maintained too? Isn't this what they take a bond for? So that if you move out and there is damage to the house, they can dock your bond? It's just an invasion of privacy. 

This is the second house inspection we have had in 6 months. They are bloody nosey. The last time they came I overheard the rental agent telling her assistant that this is the cleanest house she has ever inspected, yet three months later she wants to come through again? 

Do the real estate think we have recently been to India, uncovered the long lost Jumanji board-game, smuggled it into Australia, got it home safely and started playing it? Because seriously, they are acting like the house could be full of flash floods and stampedes.

Maybe they think this is the Little House Of Horrors and we found a rare plant in the back yard, bought it inside and started feeding it meat so now it is hungry for humans. 

After the day I've had, I kinda wish there was a big ass carnivore plant here so the real estate would leave us alone haha.

Blah, the flu makes me sooky and bitter. Can you tell? The tissues up my nose don't help. I'm all blocked and dizzy. 

Gotta go, need to rest and my brother is flipping out because the internet is capped a week early. Big woopty doo. Wait 10 days and it will be zippy fast again. 



Anonymous said...

Really? I just had an inspection like 2 weeks ago now i have another in 3 days i dont get it either..

paige said...

i loathe house inspections too. i only get them every 6 months though and its such a pain in the ass. they always send a letter saying they will be there sometime within a 2 hour time frame. so i wait and wait and try not to make any kind of mess and they walk in and literally stay for 2 minutes. they walk into bedroom 1, through the lounge and then look in the bathroom. they dont even bother going in our second bedroom, so weird

Bury Me In Velvet said...

DeAnna - WTF? They may as well pay you rent or at least bring a cake or something. It's like they are a visitor who wont leave lol.

Paige - Good to see you back on Blogger. Hope your feeling better chicka. Next time you have a house inspection you should full on trash the second bedroom haha. Just shove all of your stuff that is laying around in there, don't make the bed, leave papers on the floor.. The whole nine yards.. As if they would know any different right??? =p


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