Nail Colour Wants & Needs.

I've just been looking at endless blogs on nail polish colours and I must say, I'm so annoyed at how many awesome brands you have overseas and how CHEAP they are!!! I'm stuck choosing from your standard Rimmel, Revlon (and if I feel like spending a sh!tload of money) I'll spoil myself with an OPI polish. 

I'd go bonkers over Barry M, Illamasque, Gosh and Essie (I think it is) polishes. 

Who wants to be my overseas buyer? Haha. A lot of these sites wont post to Australia =( It sucks!!

Oh boy, I need to stop spending money. 

Heres a short nail polish wish list thanks to All You Desire and You've Got Nail. Hope you lovely ladies don't mind me using your pictures. 

ORLY The First Shade (coral)

Essie Mink Muffs

Mac Dry Martini

Illamasqua Velocity & Obsess

Plus like 10 different shades of Barry M lol. 

I'm obsessed with the lilac greys and mushroom/taupes for some reason.

What shades are you loving right now? 


Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

I get these nail polishes here that are a brand called Sinful Creations and their like $2 a bottle. I love the neons. I am always wearing a hot neon pink on my toes :P

Nur Bamadhaj said...

Hey I know where you can get Barry M nail polishes here :)

Have you been to this website before? Just thought I should share


Bury Me In Velvet said...

OMG to both comments.

@ DeAnna - you better be my supplier for nail polishes when we start penpal-ing haha. i'll send you $$, you send me awesome nail polish lol.

@ Nur - thanks sooooo much hun, just went and spent $70 and got free shipping. your my freakin makeup saviour!

Nur Bamadhaj said...

No problem. I feel your pain. Lol! There's not much range and cheap beauty products here in Melbourne. In Singapore I can get loads of good quality make up products. Even the MAC cosmetics are cheaper there than here but still pricey than US. And there's always buy one get one free on Orly and OPI. I can't wait to go back to Singapore. Shopping PARADISE!!!

Oh another favourite site on mine

Happy Online Shopping! :)



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