Doin The Crocodile Rock While Giving A Handbag Tour.

Yeah, you heard me! 

While the other kids were rockin around the clock, I was hoppin and boppin to the crocodile rock.. and showing you through my bag.

I found this gem at a thrift shop. It was $4. I'm aware it's got the Gucci GG logo and it's clearly not a genuine Gucci but I love it either way. It has clouds and Asian symbols on the lining. It's funky. Normally I can't stand replicas that aren't even close to the real thing but this bag is super cute. 

I needed a good basic black bag. This one does just fine :)

Ok I have:
 - A bus/train ticket. 
- A tiger print waterproof enviro-bag in a little coin purse sized holder.
- A tampon (just incase).
- A Revlon and Bloom nailpolish in a peal purple and a gold shimmer.
- My phone.
- A roll on Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche sample (I ran out of my regular sized one).
- Big ass hoop earrings in a gold finish.
- A cherry flavoured chuppa chup lollipop.
- A hair clip in dark blue pearl.
- The Body Shop cherry scented body butter mini tub.
- Covergirl Tru Blend face powder (to eliminate some of the oil residue from the sh!tty foundation.
- A Picnic chocolate bar.
- A purple pen.
- A silver wrapped single chewwing gum.
- Comfortable silver sandals by INNUI.
- My vintage Dior wallet.
- A bag holder to hang off tables.
- My Guess makeup case.
- Makeup remover wipes (only ones I use).
- Tin of Eclipse mints (the best out!).

I dunno how I fit all of that into my bag but I do. 

Oh I forgot to put my A5 Spirax fluro pink notebook in the photo.

No wonder my arm is sore =\


Anonymous said...

hehee you seem like your just like me when I carry things around. I have a huge purse and I have to have what I need, or just in case stuff in there at all times unless I go out on the town then I dont use a handbag. hmmm I may do a post like this so you can see :)

Anonymous said...

Nice bag and i like that silver sandals!

paige said...

uhmm i may have made a mistake. i had two comment windows up, for 2 of your posts. and i got confused about which window was which after i posted the comment. so i may have said something totally weird about your boobs on your giveaway post. if so, my bad. feel free to delete haha im such a retard =D

also, i love that bag. i wish i could fit that much stuff in mine

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! So I found these super cute chick print for nails by opi. Check them out here:


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