I'm Stylish ;)

YAYYY, I got my first blog award. 

I thought if someone tagged me that it would send me a notification somewhere on my blog but it didn't. Thankfully I read Paige's blog all the time so I was shocked to see I'm her number 1. **Blushes**
Thanks bebe cakes. 

The rules are that I have to share 5 random facts about myself and tag 5 people. Here we go. 

1. I'm Italian/Turkish/Romanian Gypsy. My nationality the only contribution my dad made to my life.

2. I am allergic to all seafood. If it grew up in water, I'll die if it touches my tongue.

3. My funeral song will be 'Lady D'Arbanville' by Cat Stevens.

4. I have three tattoos.

5. Nothing makes me feel more than Billy Joel songs do. There is a song for all of my emotions.

Sorry if you have already been given this award. 


paige said...

ahh yes i meant to tell you i tagged you but...well im just lazy[lol]

i looove billy joel

ps i want to see your tattoos :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me :) I agree with Paige, lets see some tats! ;P So I recently found out I could be Greek or Italian as well. I don't know or never met my father so it's hard to figure that stuff out. My mom was like "oh hot guy must get pregnant and have a cute baby" then she left him after she got pregnant and just wanted to keep me all to herself. Well at least thats the good part of the story. lol.

Leah ♥ said...

thanks love! even though I have this already Ill be sure to note it was from you too :)

on your #5, Billy Joel is to you what Michael Jackson was to me :)

looking forward to your next posts!


Bury Me In Velvet said...

Paige & DeAnna - I'll do a tattoo post today. If either of you have tattoos you better do the same =p

Leah - I so agree with you on the Michael Jackson thing. He has a LOT of fantastic unforgettable music.


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