Hair - Before And After.

I don't know if it's because I drink a lot of soft drinks or because I eat food that isn't exactly diet-friendly, but my skin & hair in the last 6 months have gotten a lot oilier (if thats a word). Only two days and I need to wash my hair. 

A year ago my hair could go five days without 
washing, still look great and didn't clump together AT ALL.

This is my hair before and after I wash it. 

I purposely didn't wash my hair for five days to show you what I mean. I didn't brush it for the last two days to show you the clumping together.
My hair has changed a LOT in the last few years, not just the fact it needs to be washed more often but it no longer dries curly. 

It dries sort of straight with kinks in it which causes it to bunch together and tangle/knot. 

I hate how flat and lifeless my hair goes when I straighten it. To keep it thick and voluptuous, I just blow dry it as soon as I get out of the shower so it's straight but still full. The only problem with that is that I have a lot of fly aways - as you can see. 

To get rid of them, I roll it up in a loose bun that gets rid of the frizzy strays and also gives it a bit of a wave. 

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Anonymous said...

wow your hair is so pretty! I think mine is almost that long i dunno. But I also have the same issue with my hair. It used to be curly waves and now when i wash it and leave it to air dry I get lifeless waves and it hurts my feelings lol. I blowdry mine as well tto get more volume then just straighten everything but the crown so I can keep it full lookin still. I think our hair is weighing itself down so were loosing the curl.


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