STOP - Toothtime.

After cropping and resizing over 300 photos I'm sitting down to watch Beverly Hills Cop 2.
I watched the first movie yesterday and I've never seen the second or third movie so I'm having a movie night.

I need to relax because my tooth is infected. It sort of puts me between a rock and a hard place because I either feel really sick from taking a lot of panadine fortes to kill the pain or I put up with my face feeling like I got whacked with a shovel. Either option sucks if you ask me.

As you know, I was meant to be at my grandparents house now but I woke up with the tooth infection so mum called them to postpone my trip.

Wouldn't you think after having 3 wisdom teeth removed that my teeth would take the hint not to mess with me? This tooth has been a problem for a while now. Which brings me to my second lesson.

Lesson 2 - Never
trust an after hours dentist who smells like a pub and an ashtray mixed together. I didn't mind his stench. I would have given my brother all of my pocket money to pull the tooth out with some rusty pliers I was in so much pain. I didn't think I had anything to worry about. Even when I heard his assistant quietly say 'Um, your pulling out the wrong tooth', I wasn't phased. I was so out of it from the anesthesia that it was only when he jammed the tooth back up into my gum that I realized something was wrong.

Anyway, to cut a long story a tad shorter, he pulled the tooth out far enough that he broke the nerves so the tooth died. We didn't realize until about a year ago when it first started getting infected. I was saving up for a root canal when my wisdom teeth started coming through so I had to use that money (and a lot more) to get them removed instead. There's a whole $3000 I'll never get back, but it was worth it. I would have just gotten the tooth removed ages ago, but my mum refused to let me 'look like a toothless hillbilly'.

No matter how much of a compelling argument I made about it, she wouldn't budge. I could see her point, but it's not her mouth. This time I was determined to get some progress. I don't know if it was the numb-mouth drooling, or the incoherent pain-pill requests for the 'purple Pegasus' and 'mandarine soup', but she finally gave in. I'm proud to announce that I can have the tooth pulled as soon as the infection is gone.

Hrmmm, another week like this? It may be time to try the old string on the doorknob routine haha. Nah, on second thoughts I'll stick with the antibiotics.

For anyone with an infected tooth, I must recommend this mouthwash. It numbs your mouth so it alleviates some of the pain. Its called Difflam-C and 'its available from any good pharmacy' - as they say on the television ads.
It's great for teeth, gums and even new piercings apparently. It kills the bacteria/germs so your infection should clear up faster than if you were just using antibiotics.

For me, it's a good alternative to taking a lot of medication because antibiotics give me a headache & make me queasy. Not to mention, you've probably figured out by now that pain killers make me a little derr.

Either way it's time for me to stop grinding my teeth together (which is what I do when I'm concentrating), besides, for the last 3 minutes I have been seeing cheeseburgers and fireworks on my screen due to some dizziness and food cravings.

Hope there weren't any major stuff ups in this entry because I can't really remember how I started off, let alone the details along the way.

Take care & lay off the lollies.



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