I'm In Love With A Lion.

I was flicking channels on Foxtel one day and came across Nicole Kidman with that standard morbid expression on her face. Usually just seeing her would have been my cue to hit the 'next' button but when the blue door appeared, a curiosity rushed over me that was unusual, mysterious and captivating. I found myself putting the remote down, as though it were never in my hand to begin with.

There are movies that come and go and movies that change you. They change your understanding of the world, of people and make you want to be a better version of yourself.

I was raised to see no colour, hear no accents and respect each living thing from humans to the smallest insect and this movie made me open my mind even further.

You HAVE to watch this movie. No matter your age, sex, race or religion. I was so moved that as soon as it finished I went straight to Jb Hifi and bought it.


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