Ass For Days, Thighs For Weeks

'I have nothing to wear'
seems to be my most used phrase this time of the year because it's not cold and it's not hot. I have thousands of items of clothing but winter is where I'm stuck due to the fact that I don't really get cold. My temperatures are boiling, hot, fine and freezing so much that my toes and nose are numb.

Today was one of those 'nothing to wear days'. I woke up thinking 'Yay, rain' only to realize that it wasn't rain running down my bedroom window, it was mist.

Mist; Every womans worst nightmare.
Not only is mist the most impossible weather to dress for but divide one rain d
rop into 50 mist droplets and my hair goes from

to ..

in .3 seconds.

I had to go to the shopping center near my house with mum this afternoon to do a supermarket run and as you know, my car is just a pretty accessory for my driveway at the moment. We ended up having to walk up to the bus stop in mist. Not even the bright red umbrella my mum bought with us stopped my hair from fluffing up.

I couldn't decide what to wear so I sat in my room looking at my open wardrobe for a good 15 minutes. I could have worn a long sleeve top or jumper with my leggings but I despise wearing leggings on their own. I put them on and was comfy and anything but then I looked in the mirror. There is no looking good with leggings. If your chubby/curvy you look like a baby whale, if your thin you look like Olive Oil from Popeye. Not to mention that no matter how flawless your body is, girls are either sporting a front wedgie, a back wedgie, a baggy crotch or some major wobble & cellulite issues.

I am not a gym junkie so I will admit I have a bit of cellulite on the back of my thighs and my brother used to nickname me 'Thunder-thighs' when I was younger so that has resulted in a tiny complex I have, even when I'm at my healthiest weight. I know I will never have legs like the super models of the world so I prefer to cover them up. Besides, I'm 5'3 - If I had legs like a supermodel my thighs would be in my armpits! Then where would I put my glorious Italian chest & rump haha.

After I refused to wear the leggings, I was only left with one option - trackies. I hate wearing trackies in public because I feel like I'm 15 years old and hanging out at the mall after school. To make things worse, I'm a rip & tearer. If there is a tiny hole, I have to make it a big hole. If there is a thread hanging down, I must pull it. The only pair of trackies I have without a big hole or rip in them are a pair of bright tomato red by Everlast. What the hell goes with red trackies?!??!?! I already know I have no long sleeve tops/jumpers that are suitable so I ended up wearing a white Mossimo tshirt with red print on the front and some Havaianas. (That reminds me I must go shopping for some winter shoes.) I took a navy blue YSL knit jumper with me just in case the cold hit me on the walk home, but thankfully I didn't need it. If I didn't have an extra 10kg on me at the moment, I would break open the Ikea box of Bettina Liano, Gasp, Gripp, Bardot and Guess jeans I have. Personally, when I'm a size 14 (which I am at the moment) jeans are a no go. My bum is the size of a planet (in a good way) so jeans just feel wrong in that plumber/stripper kind of way - as you can see.

Oh, that photo brings me to my next entry. Caring for long hair. Treatments and methods that work! You can see in that photo how damaged my ends were - so coarse and dry. Now that I've done some experimenting with treatments, they are smoother than the consistency of Milo yoghurt - mmmmm.

Time to go. Have to go and check on the lasagna and chocolate pudding I'm cooking.



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