She Stole His Last Name.

Ten years ago I met a guy through my current boyfriend. He was funny and undeniably handsome and charismatic. Six years later I run into him again and meet his girlfriend. We all became close and spent lots of time together. During my pregnancy I moved away to be closer to my grandparents and unfortunately missed their engagement. Two years later I was one of the first to arrive at their wedding reception. He is Iraqi so I knew the wedding would be huge which meant a month of stress over which sequin gown to wear. Fast forward to the day before the wedding and I scrapped my original idea and bought a completely different dress to my original plan. It was a Chelsea grey bandage dress painted with silver metallic paint. It was GORGEOUS. I was shopping in Target and found a pair of Taupe heels with grey gemstones on the heels on sale for $20 and had previously purchased a grey clutch from Target on sale for $20 also (now reduced to $7 - bummer). 

I currently have pastel pink hair so I decided to go vampy rather than "glamorous" with my makeup. I concentrated on a grey, dark purple and silver smokey eye and a dark purple lip. 

My hair was natural waves thanks to the VS Sassoon Curl Secret wand. I'll be doing a review on this asap because it's a miracle worker!

I took my best friend Amel as my date because I've only been with my boyfriend Ramos for four months and felt strange taking him as he hasn't spent any real time with the bride and groom. 

I had a great night until ZsaZsas dad approached me outside the wedding because he was at an engagement party in the next room! Anyway, here's my photos from the night. 

I can't wait to get the official wedding photos and do an updated post to show you everything in better quality haha. 

 Amel and I

 My friend Tash and her boyfriend

 The groom doing the dabke

ZsaZsas dad and I

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